Interim Management at a global control systems company

December 27, 2017

Just finished three and a half years of part-time interim management with ComAp a.s. (, based in Prague.  The first year was as R&D Director, setting up new NPD processes, developing the innovation and technology strategies, and embarking on the platform principles for future generations of products.  In the midst of this change, the R&D team simultaneously developed a new range of products which launched in 2016.  Having coached a protégé, I handed over to him at the end of 2015 and moved on to become Product Director, establishing a new corporate capability to tie R&D, NPD, marketing and product management together.  Embedded a discipline of product roadmaps, working across the portfolio of products, together with through-life business models for products and greater precision in profitability modelling.  With the product strategy in place, we established processes by which both strategic and tactical decisions could be made with broad visibility and against understood objectives and constraints.

In mid-2016 we reorganized the company, creating business units to respond to customer segments and aligned the product management function within the business units.  I became Deputy CEO responsible for change management through the transition.  I also became responsible for ComAp’s move into products and services based on data, mapping out the strategy for the future and beginning the move.

Then, for 2017, I stepped back into a coaching and mentoring role advising on R&D, New Product Development, Innovation and IP management, product architectures, product strategy and management, and data services strategy.

And so in January 2018, with the areas running well, I return to consultancy after a fascinating, rewarding and enjoyable time working with valued colleagues in a supportive culture, part of an excellent company in a fast-changing domain of rapid innovation and progress.

Thank you all.



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