Another ‘interim’ year at ComAp (, first as Product Director and latterly as Deputy CEO following an organisational change creating two business units that encompassed product management.  I was responsible for the transition and then helped glue the business units and R&D together into an aligned marketing, product definition, and product delivery team underpinned by product and platform roadmapping – a core management process bedding down nicely.

Also working with teams on new and innovative developments that are yet to come to market.

Continued helping Cambridge University researchers to engage with industry, now with a focus on helping early career researchers to identify the differentiating features of their work and how it adds value to downstream commercialisation.  Also helping a few researchers to identify the best business model to get their work into commercial use, often finding that a spinout is too early, too risky, too expensive or too inflexible.

Working with a couple of small Cambridge high tech firms on strategy and on operational practices – usually to simplify and streamline while managing risk and robustness.