Having done a first ‘definition and scoping’ phase with the Czech controls company (concurrently.wordpress.com/2013/12/11/rd-new-product-development-process-design-portfolio-development-and-organisation-development/) we then went on to a ‘feasibility phase’ which finished at the end of March. One of the most rewarding assignments I’ve ever done, with a great team from the client – a team that put in an amazing amount of work in parallel with ‘the day job’. We developed draft roadmaps and roadmapping processes for markets and products, processes for technology strategy and for new product development, a new organisational structure to support the new processes and the change management plans for the transition. We not only did the designs and tested them, we also built a team of enthusiasts for the new ways of working, each of whom will be key advocates as we move forward.

We finished the phase with a formal ‘stage gate’ meeting chaired by the Managing Director to present the results, to confirm feasibility and to present plans for the next stage. So we’re using a stage gate philosophy to design and roll out a stage gate process.

Now we begin the implementation phase.


Idea generation

April 17, 2014

Working alongside a leading Cambridge innovation consultancy, contributed to idea generation for radical new ways of ….

Nope, can’t talk about that one.

Working with a specialist innovation consultancy (my fourth collaboration with them), we used their proprietary tools for structured innovation to identify several minor and one breakthrough innovation opportunity for a Midlands-based industrial machinery manufacturer serving very mature global markets. By conducting a formal functional decomposition and then mapping out the performance implications for their products we were able to show a promising and radical new innovation direction for the firm, together with a number of minor quick wins.

Now, what’s the risk trade-off? Product cannibalisation? Shift in business model as well? Defensibility? And if it opens up a new segment, how best to exploit that? Decisions, decisions…