Recently completed a project to help a global drinks manufacturer to craft their technology strategy.  My role was to coach the Technical Director as we thought through issues such as

  • the appetite for innovation leadership versus technology risk,
  • core objectives balancing growth, cost management and sustainability agendas,
  • the role of technology ‘platforms’ as a unifying logic for managing resources and capabilities, from technology scouting all the way through to implementation
  • building portfolios of technology capability to deliver the objectives and showing how this would be sequenced
  • balancing the pipeline to build and maintain the right mix of exploration and of exploitation of technologies (and using the pipeline to communicate the balance of the portfolios)
  • identifying training needs in both technical disciplines and innovation skills
  • choosing KPIs for both managing processes and outcomes


My client handled the interfaces to the rest of the organisation and has set up the processes for his scanning and identification of candidate technologies.  Therefore our work together focused on making the underlying logic robust and communicating intent and strategy as clearly as possible.


This is the third time I’ve worked with this individual in this way and I think this was our best outcome yet.