The following gives a flavour of my recent work:



  • Explored innovation opportunities in mobile cloud computing


  • Innovation and the UK railway industry: worked with ADL, identifying blocks to innovation across the railway industry and proposing mechanisms to overcome them (, then helped with early contributions to the safety, standards and innovation strand of the McNulty report and finally created an ‘industry maturity model of innovation’ which has since been used in a number of ways as an explanatory or diagnostic framework.


  • Contributed to the development and testing of Richard Webb’s Innovation Capability Assessment tool ( including an assessment of the practices and culture in operating theatre management at an NHS Trust hospital, and recommended improvement options



  • Helped Cambridge University’s Engineering Department to establish a research theme to explore ways of maximising the speed and effectiveness with which their research is transferred into pragmatic value and use in industry (


  • Helped a senior team in the Research Councils to explore and prioritise options for funding large-scale experimental facilities



  • Facilitated a board’s off-site strategy session, developing with them a systems diagram of their operations and environment, in order to highlight cross-functional dependencies, synergies and opportunities. Helped them to prioritise initiatives and actions for the annual planning cycle.  Subsequently facilitated a middle-management off-site sessions using the same systems diagram to illustrate functions’ interdependencies and to explore how the middle managers could collaborate more effectively.  Developed alignment at different levels in the organisation through an explicitly co-constructed and shared view of their world.


  • Worked with a small team in a global aerospace company to explore the significance of and the strategic imperatives for one of their core technologies, identifying key actions, critical timescales and the implications of timely action.  We swiftly built a consensus about priorities and how recommended initiatives might play out across the different divisions of the company and presented these to the board member responsible and the key stakeholders.